At The Eye Galleria, we believe in giving everybody the best possible quality of vision by using trusted branded lenses that compliment the frames you have chosen.

We aim to help you choose the correct spectacle lens based on your individual needs and prescription tailored to your occupation and lifestyle choices.

Our professional staff are always happy to help you explore our lens portfolio and guide you to ensure you have lenses that are right for you.

Simply, your lenses are made up of three parts:

  • The eyesight correction part (single vision/varifocal),
  • the lens protection and visual clarity enhancement (a lens coating) and,
  • the protective eye health technology inside the lens (photochromic/polarised)


Modern spectacle lenses offer a variety of correction methods, from single vision options to more specialised ones, including varifocals, occupational and bifocals.

Varifocals, also known as progressives offer a seamless transition from distance correction on the top of the lens to the reading portion at the bottom. This allows sharp vision for tasks set at different distances.

Occupational lenses are specially designed to optimise certain activities and have become increasingly popular with our changing and varied lifestyles.

Stronger, more complex prescriptions can be made in thinner and lighter materials, so they look great and take away the frame restrictions you may have in the past.

There are indeed many options which are available at The Eye Galleria to suit your budget and unique visual requirements.



PHOTOCHROMICS - POLARISED - Lenses can be enhanced with coatings in several ways which improve durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Scratches, smudges, dust or reflections on lenses can be very distracting. Lens coatings can help to prevent these and result in a much more comfortable visual experience whilst being virtually invisible.

There are specific anti-glare coatings developed to help with driving at night, computer use and other everyday activities.

Eye protection from harmful UV & Blue-Violet light is imperative to maintaining healthy vision.
If you wear corrective lenses, you can benefit from having lens enhancements that selectively filters these potentially dangerous rays.


Photochromic light intelligent lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions so that your eyes don't have to. By wearing this type of lens, you can help your eyes to relax a little more using latest technology that includes fast fade back, a choice of colours and enhanced colour perception, visual protection and comfort.

Wearing polarised lenses is an incredibly helpful solution to combating glare.

Regular sunglasses can provide sufficient UV protection and reduce brightness but will not dimish blinding glare.
Polarised lenses have a unique filter that will block out intense glare from reflected light.

They are particularly beneficial and offer vision protection as you pursue your hobbies such as fishing, water sports and when you're driving - a time when other cars, puddles and even your dashboard can create glare and be very distracting.

Polarised lenses offer enhanced colour perception, improved visual comfort and optimal UV protection. They make it much easier to see in bright light conditions, reducing eye strain or fatigue creating a more enjoyable visual experience.

We have a comprehensive lens portfolio to cover this vast range of lens options and combinations. You can find out more about some of these options we have available on our dedicated Specialised Lens page.