Having examined children's eyes since 1996, I appreciate how important it is to make them feel comfortable and have an enjoyable, positive experience.

My experience of having eye tests and needing spectacles from a vey young age has inspired me to try and make it a smooth process, so the child has no hesitation, and in fact look forward to returning for their regular checks.

We pride ourselves on being a truly child-friendly opticians. After all, it was our daughter Ria who inspired our name! We also find being parents helps us to interact with the children on a level they understand, and conducting the examination accordingly, in a child-orientated fashion means they are happy to co-operate. This mutual rapport has even meant we have built up a small fan base, and look forward to the children coming back too!

Are you aware children are highly adaptable and don't always know how well or clearly they should be able to see? This can mean they struggle on with undiagnosed visual problems for far too long.

For this reason it's recommended that children have their first eye examination by the age of 4, but they can be seen earlier if any problems are suspected.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why you should trust us to check your children's eyes:

  • We are fully dedicated to carry out thorough eye exams
  • We allow ample time for children's appointments, and if needed can break the examination down over more than one session
  • Eye exams can be fun; we use a computerised testing chart showing pictures, shapes and numbers to do parts of the eye test, so it doesn't matter if your child cannot read yet
  • We make sure you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and we always thoroughly explain all results from the examination.
  • Of course there are always stickers at the end!
  • If glasses are required, we have a wide and excellent range to choose from.

Younger customers do enjoy trying on our range of children's glasses, as they include lots of funky designs. If your child does need glasses we're here for any adjustments whenever they're needed, making sure their spectacles grow with them. NHS Eye examinations are free for under 16s and under 19s still in full-time education, and if spectacles are required, the NHS will help towards the cost of the spectacles.

Standard Childs NHS Examination - FREE
Advanced Childs NHS Examination - £20.00 (includes OCT & Fundus Photography)