Eyecare vouchers: Does your employer owe you an eye test?

It's increasingly common for people's jobs to involve computer screens. By law, your workplace has to pay for you to have an eye test if you are using Display Screen Equipment as a significant part of your normal work daily for continuous periods of an hour or more, and you ask for one.

There is no evidence that looking at a computer for a long time can damage your eyes, but if you're using one without an up-to-date prescription it's possible you could develop eye strain or headaches. If a test shows that you need glasses specifically for work at a computer, your employer has to pay for or contribute towards them.

Usually employers advise you go to an opticians and will then refund you, or you can use the Eden Red Eye Care voucher scheme. We accept these vouchers and can carry out an eye examination to make sure your eyes are healthy as well as insuring your sight is optimal for when using any display screen.

To find out more about DSE regulations in this booklet from the Health and Safety Executive

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